Unlocking the Power of Relationships

Unlocking the Power of Relationships: A Journey with Roxanne Derhodge     In today's fast-paced world, where the demands of personal and professional life often pull us in multiple directions, the essence of meaningful relationships can get lost amid the chaos. For anyone seeking to deepen their connections, improve their interpersonal skills, and find more fulfilment in their interactions, Roxanne Derhodge's book “Return on Relationships” offers a transformative guide.   This article is aimed at individuals who recognize the value of relationships in their lives whether they are leaders looking to foster a positive work environment, professionals aiming to enhance their client relationships, or anyone...

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Mastering Conflict: How Conflict Coaching Can Transform Your Relationships

  Conflict is an inevitable part of life, especially when it comes to our relationships. Whether it's disagreements with our partners, colleagues, or friends, conflicts can leave us feeling frustrated and stuck. But what if there was a way to transform those conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding? Enter conflict coaching. In this article, we'll explore how conflict coaching can help you master conflict and improve your relationships. Conflict coaching is a powerful, forward-focused process that supports individuals in addressing and resolving conflicts in a constructive and productive manner. By working with a skilled conflict coach, you can gain insights into...

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Unlocking Productivity: Overcoming Text Messaging Challenges in SME Projects

  In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of successful project management, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, the reliance on text messaging apps for internal communication within SMEs often leads to unforeseen challenges and conflicts among team members. This article aims to explore the common pitfalls of using text messaging apps in SME project management and offers insights into alternative communication channels to foster better collaboration and minimize conflicts.   Target Audience   - SME Owners: Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to optimize their project management processes and improve team communication. - Managers: Team leaders and project managers seeking strategies...

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The Art of Honesty: Transforming Conflict with Liars into Constructive Dialogues

  Conflict is an inevitable part of human relationships, and it can be particularly challenging when it involves deception. Whether it's in personal relationships, the workplace, or between friends, encountering dishonesty can complicate resolutions and strain bonds. This article aims to guide you through resolving conflicts with a liar, focusing on understanding, preparation, strategic resolution, handling reactions, and moving forward. Understanding Conflict   The Nature of Conflict   Conflict arises from differences in values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. When these differences lead to a clash, conflict emerges. Understanding the nature of conflict is the first step towards resolution. At the very heart of human interaction, conflict...

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The 5 Types of Workplace Conflicts That Could Shatter Your Team’s Unity or Forge It Stronger Than Ever

  The modern workplace is not just an environment where tasks are accomplished, and objectives met; it's a volatile emotional landscape teeming with human complexities. When conflicts emerge, it feels like a storm rolling in—darkening skies, increasing tension, a feeling of impending chaos. Ignoring these tumultuous skies is akin to tossing a ticking time bomb into the heart of your team. Let us delve even deeper into these five non-negotiable types of workplace conflicts, because to shy away from them is to jeopardize your team's unity, and perhaps even its very future. 1. Task-Related Conflicts: When Work Becomes a War Zone Task-related conflicts...

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Why employees are afraid to speak up

In recent years the workplace has seen a shift in expectations and culture due to Covid 19 pandemic changes and economic impacts leading to a shift to an increase in hybrid and remote working.

The conversations around the water cooler or in person meetings and going out for lunch with colleagues within the department or building have been replaced with conference calls over zoom, private data rooms and virtual hangouts.

Managing Conflicts Through Email, Why Is It So Tempting!

The Communication Struggle in The Workplace

There is no doubt without the use of electronic communication through emails the ability to operate hybrid working between the home and office millions of businesses around the world would not be able to operate. This was highlighted during the Pandemic lockdowns; it would have been next to impossible to operate and manage business without the use of email as a mode of communication. Whether you are checking emails on your desktop, mobile, tablet or on several devices at the same time, there is little escape from the written word through electronic communication.

Introducing Workplace Mediation in Your Organisation

Imagine that your organisation is managing a huge lucrative project which includes people from a number of different departments. You’ve made great progress but there is tension between two of the inter-departmental team members. Their former rivalry has just got healthy as they are working together on the same project and now it feels like a full-blown personality clash.

“Work Warfare” Costs UK Businesses £28.5 Billion a Year

  A new report from Acas  published in May 2021 found  that conflict at work costs the UK a staggering £28.5 billion a year, it’s an understatement to suggest that something needs to change. Add the financial cost to the psychological impact of ‘work warfare’ and you have a recipe for disaster, so how can we mitigate the consequences of workplace conflict? Unsurprisingly, conflict has a profound impact on our mental health (as well as our wallets), resulting in time off work, resignations and reduced productivity. The mental health impact of these scenarios is intense and far-reaching, affecting the entire workforce. It...

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