Business Mediation

Business mediation is a procedure used for resolving conflicts and disputes that arise in business settings. It’s an efficient and affordable way of understanding and effectively addressing the dispute(s) in question, with the focus being cooperation and compromise on either part. An impartial mediator conducts the mediation in a neutral setting, facilitating both parties toward an amicable agreement that’s mutually beneficial. Whether you’re on the lookout for commercial mediation or contractual resolution, we can help. Make the most of our business mediation services in London.

Business mediation may be required in a number of cases. Disputes and disagreements between business partners, investors, entrepreneurs, and clients are common and may manifest in various forms. Examples of disputes that require business mediation include:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • IP disputes
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Shareholder rights
  • Supply contracts
  • Cross border disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Employment disputes

Breach of Contract Mediation

Contract breaches are extremely common. They occur between business partnerships, employers and employees, and commercial enterprises, resulting in much confusion and chaos. This results in contractual disputes between the two parties, causing several complications.

When one party decides to go against the terms listed in their contract or refuses to uphold them, it’s considered a breach of contract. This can be addressed through breach of contract mediation.

The Types of Contract Breaches

There are three main types of contract breaches:

  • Partial Breach: This is when a party deviates from the contract without completely breaching the terms.
  • Actual Breach: This is when a party deviates from the contract in a substantial manner.
  • Anticipatory Breach: This is when one party informs the other that they’ll no longer be upholding their end of the contract, causing the other party to suffer material damages.

Why Opt For Breach of Contract Meditation?

Suing a business partner or filing a lawsuit against an individual is not only a time-consuming ordeal, but also an expensive affair. The procedure is long and complicated, and it can take months to reach an outcome. The litigation process and court procedures add stress to all parties involved, and are rarely quick and simple solutions.

On the contrary, mediation is an effective and efficient solution for resolving contractual disputes. Under the guidance of a professional mediator, both parties can come together to discuss the prevailing issues and arrive at a mutually beneficial solution. Mediation is a quick and fairly straightforward process that saves those involved from court visits and legal procedures. It can be used to resolve all kinds of contract breaches, be it construction disputes, sales or manufacturing disagreements, or equity claims.

The mediator is an impartial observer during the process who listens to both sides of the argument and encourages the two parties to work collectively towards an agreement. This creates room for open and honest conversation that’s kept confidential, and helps settle contractual disputes without having to involve attorneys and litigators.

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Business Partnership Mediation

Business partnerships exist between co-owners, professional groups, or representatives from the management team. These are usually formed to work toward mutual goals and better sustain a business. Of course, conflicts may arise in these kinds of partnerships, affecting the growth and success of the business itself.

Fortunately, business partnership mediation can be used to effectively resolve disputes among partners. As long as both parties are willing to go through the negotiation process and are committed to arriving at a positive outcome, mediations are hugely successful.

Why Opt For Business Partnership Meditation?

Business partnership disputes can make or break the future of your business. Unless they’re resolved through proper channels, things can get ugly in just a matter of time.

With mediation, you can still maintain a friendly relationship with your business partner. The mediation is designed to encourage both parties to openly voice their concerns and work together to resolve the dispute. This helps maintain a cordial partnership during the dispute resolution process that would otherwise not be possible if you were to take the case to court. It makes things easier for both sides and allows both you and your partner to continue working amicably together. Since mediation is not adversarial, you don’t have to worry about being pitted against your business partner. Instead, it makes room for cooperation.

Mediation also enables business partners to come to a consensus solution. The mediator plays an impartial yet important role in these proceedings, helping both sides to communicate more effectively and collaborating peacefully. While the mediator doesn’t decide things for you, they can help you and your business partner make a decision that benefits both of you. This makes mediation an effective problem-solving strategy that helps resolve partnership conflicts efficiently.

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Partnership Disputes

A business partnership may be among co-owners, professional groups, or members of the management team. Typically, business partnerships are formed to better sustain a business and help take it forward through collective efforts. However, disagreements may arise among business partners over major or minor conflicts that can severely affect their business’s progress.

Mediation can be used to resolve partnership disputes, provided that the partners are willing to reach an agreement and are committed to the process. Disputes don’t necessarily mean that a partnership has to end. In fact, many partners want to continue business operations together even after a dispute has occurred. Mediation helps in harnessing their differences into a positive outcome by facilitating a candid and productive discussion between business partners.

Contractual Disputes

Contracts between business partners, clients, and investors may be breached or broken for a number of reasons. This usually happens when one of the party claims there’s a lack of clarity in the contract, goes directly against the terms listed, or questions the terms and declares them null. This results in contractual disputes.

Mediation is an effective way to avoid litigation. It saves costs as well as time, and is mostly successful in re-strengthening or re-establishing contracts.

IP Disputes

Intellectual property (IP) disputes arise when there’s disagreement regarding industrial property and copyright and related rights. If not handled promptly, these can lead to court litigation which is a long and tedious process that also costs a fortune.

Mediation is an alternative method to resolve IP disputes. It’s comparatively inexpensive, quicker, and more efficient. The results are usually positive, allowing the parties involved to reach a settlement that benefits them both.

Joint Venture Disputes

Joint ventures are a great way for sharing resources, expertise, and talent for a business. They usually entail long-term cooperation and synergy of business groups and commercial parties. Typically, one party handles the technical expertise and/or funding, whilst the other builds on its contacts, conducts operations, and caters to local or international markets.

Mediation acts as a powerful tool in resolving the disputes that arise in joint ventures. It helps in preserving the commercial relationship and adding perspective to the situation at hand, allowing for the venture owners/managers to resolve the conflict amicably.

Shareholder Rights

Shareholder disputes arise when there is a fall out over the direction or the management of a company. They may also occur if certain shareholders aren’t as involved as they’re supposed to be, haven’t been pulling their weight, have affected the company negatively, or have a conflict of interest.

Mediation gives all shareholders an opportunity to come together and discuss their issues candidly. It helps them mediate through their differences and reach an agreement smoothly and less stressfully than they would via court litigation.

Supply Contracts

Disputes may arise between a business and its primary supplier(s) over a number of reasons. Suppliers may refuse continuing their services, provide low-quality products, or change their pricing midway, breaching the contract that was signed previously. Alternatively, a business may terminate the contract without warning.

Mediation can be used to settle supply contract disputes. It helps both the supplier and the business be upfront about their issues and come to an agreement that benefits both parties.

Cross-Border Disputes

Cross border disputes exist between business partners, franchises, and clients based in different geographic locations. These can be rather tricky to deal with, especially since the two (or more) parties involved aren’t at the same place at the same time. Through mediation, cross border disputes can be resolved more effectively and efficiently.

Mediation is a non-adversarial process that’s designed to preserve ongoing business relationships. The flexibility of the procedure allows the parties to work together and come up with effective solutions for the dispute at hand much quicker than they would’ve otherwise.

Professional Negligence

Professional negligence disputes occur when allegations are made against poor or negligent advice provided by a business. It may also include instances of fraud that have caused monetary loss to the party filing for professional negligence. These issues tend to be rather complicated, and can cost both or either party a fortune.

Mediation offers clients a chance to tread more sensitively with these claims, protecting their privacy and speeding up the process. It helps reduce the risk of reputational damage, bridges the communication gap, and makes dispute resolution more efficient. It’s especially helpful in cases where there are multiple parties involved.

Employment Disputes

Business owners can be extremely careful of how they treat their employees, but this doesn’t exempt them from employment disputes. Conflict may arise if an employer breaches an employment contract, offers a package that an employee deems unfair, or intentionally or unintentionally mistreats an employee (including terminating them). The difference in perceptions between employers and employees is what leads to disputes.

Mediation can be used to preserve employer-employee relationships. It benefits both parties and prevents the case from escalating by helping them reach an agreement amicably.

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