Property Mediation

Similar to business mediation, property mediation is used to resolve disputes between two parties. These may occur among property owners or between landlords and tenants.

Property disputes can be stressful and costly. Issues may arise over easements, tenancy, construction work and repairs, and covenants. The longer they remain unresolved, potentially the bigger the consequences can be. For instance, a property with dispute claims will make it difficult for the property to be sold during this period and potentially suffer a loss in value. We offer expert landlord and tenant resolution, and property mediation services in London.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, many commercial tenants have been unable to pay their rent or faced eviction/closure of business. Handling commercial landlord & tenant claims for commercial leases can be particularly challenging because of the ongoing circumstances. Mediation is a quick, cost-effective procedure that helps keep your business moving forward.

Property disputes that require mediation include:

  • Planning permissions
  • Tenancy surrender negotiations
  • Rent disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Mortgage disputes
  • Leasehold enfranchisement
  • Commercial landlord and tenant disputes

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord-tenant disputes are extremely common and may be initiated by either party. These typically arise when a landlord imposes new conditions previously not mentioned in the contract, issues sudden notices, or refuses to accommodate valid and legitimate requests made by the tenant. Alternately, they may also occur if a tenant is blatantly disrespectful of the landlord’s conditions that they had agreed upon, continue to breach the contract, or displays obnoxious or harmful behavior.

Mediation is a useful strategy to resolve tenant-landlord disputes and preserve their relationship. The goal of a mediation is usually to continue the partnership under revised terms beneficial to both the tenant and the landlord.

Property Joint Ventures

If more than one party has ownership of a property being used for commercial joint ventures, disputes may arise on the creation, transfer, protection of property interests, and the ownership of the property itself. This can affect business relationships as well as slow down the progress being made by the joint venture.

Mediation is especially useful for resolving joint venture property disputes, as it serves as a cheaper alternative to costly litigation procedures that property owners would otherwise require.

Construction/Building Disputes

Construction projects take several months or even years to complete, and any disputes that may occur during this time can severely slow down said project. Disputes may arise between contractors and subcontractors, property managers and developers, and among the hundreds of workers involved in the project.

Mediation helps minimize these disputes. It’s a cost-effective procedure that allows for amicable settlement between the parties involved.

Property Development

Property development disputes can arise over the management and protection of property. They may involve a number of parties such as property owners, construction workers, local government bodies, and property law makers. These disputes can slow down or terminate the development plans, causing significant losses.

Mediation helps in resolving property development related issues. It gives all the parties involved to be upfront about their reservations and restrictions, and helps them reach an agreement peacefully.

Our professional mediator at Minute Mediation Ltd. can help you with your property or business disputes. For more queries about our services, get in touch today!

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