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Managing Conflicts Through Email, Why Is It So Tempting!

The Communication Struggle in The Workplace There is no doubt without the use of electronic communication through emails the ability to operate hybrid working between the home and office millions of businesses around the world would not be able to operate. This was highlighted during the Pandemic lockdowns; it would have been next to impossible to operate and manage business without the use of email as a mode of communication. Whether you are checking emails on your desktop, mobile, tablet or on several devices at the same time, there is little escape from the written word through electronic communication. There is no...

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The Singapore Convention on Mediation “The Singapore Convention” The Significance Of The Convention And The Impact On Cross Border Mediation

The Singapore Convention is an international treaty to assist commercial parties with cross border commercial disputes. The United Nations treaty aims to settle differences through mediation rather than through Court Litigation sanctions or other economically damaging manoeuves. The goal is to resolve commercial disputes in an amicable manner which, in the end, is beneficial to all parties involved. The treaty does not impact States who are not signatories to the treaty. The Singapore Convention provides the parties the option to agree to settle commercial differences through the mediation process that avoids litigation and arbitration, which can be costly and lengthy procedures...

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A Prime Way to Peace and Agreement through Empathy

De-escalate conflict by connecting with empathy, attention and respect.   The concept of peace and peacebuilding is in the forefront of many people’s minds, you don’t have to look too far or read in the media the impact of disruption and the message of finding solutions through peacebuilding. Background Historically, the most progressive and aggressive populations have traditionally turned to de-humanizing their various opponents in order to create an attitude favourably promoting the enemy’s destruction. Examples of such behaviour in the media can be seen in various conflict zones around the world, such as in Afghanistan, Yemen and Eastern Europe. When a country, culture,...

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An Overview of APEC’s Online Dispute Resolution Framework and How It Benefits Cross Border Supply Chain Disputes

A Brief Introduction to APEC The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is one of the leading forums established to facilitate regional cooperation, investment and trade, economic growth, and the global economy as a whole. The world’s best economic forum in the Asia-Pacific has member countries including Japan, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, United States of America, People's Republic of China, and more. Dedicated to its vision, APEC has impressively contributed to overcoming challenges that may affect the global trade and economy, as a whole. The forum has successfully introduced several models and approaches that can help prevent trade barriers leading...

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How The Collaborative Nature Of Mediation Can Help To Minimise Animosity In Business Relationships?

Most small businesses are started amongst friends or family and often if there is no clarity or agreement as to how the business will be managed or developed, disagreements can arise. If the differences are not resolved, tensions can continue and have an impact on the development of the business and relationship. No matter what the type, size and nature of business, running a business smoothly is really demanding. Business owners need to think, plan and implement strategies that can help them best meet their business needs as well as sustain growth for the long term. Without well-planned partnership strategies and...

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Introducing Workplace Mediation in Your Organisation

Imagine that your organisation is managing a huge lucrative project which includes people from a number of different departments. You’ve made great progress but there is tension between two of the inter-departmental team members. Their former rivalry has just got healthy as they are working together on the same project and now it feels like a full-blown personality clash. What would you do? They both aren’t talking to each other and you fear that the situation will hinder your project’s success if you don’t take quick action. A suitable procedure to resolve the dispute is workplace mediation. Modern workplaces involve employees from diverse...

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How Mediation can be used to resolve commercial landlord and tenant disputes?

  This article focuses on mediation as a procedure to resolve commercial landlord and tenant disputes. It explains how the mediation procedure can be used as the first step to an agreed outcome. The article discusses the following: Is court litigation the only option for both parties? How can mediation assist commercial landlord and tenant disputes? Details on how to start a mediation for commercial landlord and tenant disputes Summary Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, industry has been impacted in many ways due to regulatory changes and restrictions imposed on businesses operating out of commercial premises, businesses have often had to...

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“Work Warfare” Costs UK Businesses £28.5 Billion a Year

A new report from Acas  published in May 2021 found  that conflict at work costs the UK a staggering £28.5 billion a year, it’s an understatement to suggest that something needs to change. Add the financial cost to the psychological impact of ‘work warfare’ and you have a recipe for disaster, so how can we mitigate the consequences of workplace conflict? Unsurprisingly, conflict has a profound impact on our mental health (as well as our wallets), resulting in time off work, resignations and reduced productivity. The mental health impact of these scenarios is intense and far-reaching, affecting the entire workforce. It...

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