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Managing Conflicts Through Email, Why Is It So Tempting!

The Communication Struggle in The Workplace There is no doubt without the use of electronic communication through emails the ability to operate hybrid working between the home and office millions of businesses around the world would not be able to operate. This was highlighted during the Pandemic lockdowns; it would have been next to impossible to operate and manage business without the use of email as a mode of communication. Whether you are checking emails on your desktop, mobile, tablet or on several devices at the same time, there is little escape from the written word through electronic communication. There is no...

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A Prime Way to Peace and Agreement through Empathy

De-escalate conflict by connecting with empathy, attention and respect.   The concept of peace and peacebuilding is in the forefront of many people’s minds, you don’t have to look too far or read in the media the impact of disruption and the message of finding solutions through peacebuilding. Background Historically, the most progressive and aggressive populations have traditionally turned to de-humanizing their various opponents in order to create an attitude favourably promoting the enemy’s destruction. Examples of such behaviour in the media can be seen in various conflict zones around the world, such as in Afghanistan, Yemen and Eastern Europe. When a country, culture,...

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Introducing Workplace Mediation in Your Organisation

Imagine that your organisation is managing a huge lucrative project which includes people from a number of different departments. You’ve made great progress but there is tension between two of the inter-departmental team members. Their former rivalry has just got healthy as they are working together on the same project and now it feels like a full-blown personality clash. What would you do? They both aren’t talking to each other and you fear that the situation will hinder your project’s success if you don’t take quick action. A suitable procedure to resolve the dispute is workplace mediation. Modern workplaces involve employees from diverse...

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Beyond Emotional Intelligence – Workplace conflict, avoidance coping, and the mental health crisis

Adriana Vela, Certified EQ and Conflict Coach, Minute Mediation Contrary to popular belief, emotional intelligence has nothing to do with being nice. Likewise, engaging in conflict does not equal personal failure. A person can be nice and still be clueless about the emotional impact they have on others and conflict can occur anytime, anywhere, and sometimes can’t be prevented. So why is it that workplaces go to lengths to avoid conflict and why is there such a stigma about discussions of mental health? This has been an area of research interest for the last 15 years as well as the study...

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