Workplace Mediation

Disputes at the workplace are almost always difficult to deal with for all parties involved. With early intervention and the use of mediation, these can be avoided and resolved without things escalating. At Minute Mediation, we specialise in workplace mediation. If you’re looking for expert workplace disputes resolution in London, give us a call.

What Is Workplace Mediation?

Workplace mediation is a voluntary act that’s performed after a mutual agreement of the parties involved in a workplace conflict. It’s a confidential process that aims to resolve the conflict at hand and restore positive work relationships. The end goal is to come to a decision that benefits all parties involved and is in their best interests. It’s carried out by a professionally-trained mediator who works with all parties and helps them reach an agreement.

Mediation is not a legal procedure. Therefore, the mediator’s role isn’t to make judgements, but to help the parties involved understand and clarify the issues. It isn’t a binding procedure, and either party may agree to terminate further mediation if they wish.

The Benefits of Workplace Meditation

Workplace mediation brings forth several benefits to the workplace itself as well as the individuals involved in a workplace dispute. These include:

  • Providing a cost-effective solution to prevent a costly legal dispute
  • Allowing employees and employers to settle their differences confidentially
  • Speeding up the conflict resolution process
  • Providing a more flexible approach to workplace dispute resolution
  • Creating a more productive, trusting, and friendly work environment
  • Creating a respectful and impartial space for all parties to discuss their issues

The Workplace Mediation Process

Once a mediator has been appointed, they’re given an overview of the dispute and the specific issues that need to be discussed during the mediation meeting. The mediator contacts all involved parties and requests them to sign a mediation agreement. They then speak to each of the parties separately for an in-depth understanding of their issues.

Once the mediator has outlined what either party hopes to achieve from the session, they may go back and forth trying to help those involved reach an agreement that suits their interests. They may also have the parties speak face-to-face in their impartial presence. The information shared during separate discussions is kept confidential unless otherwise authorized.

Our professional mediator at Minute Mediation Ltd. can help you with your workplace disputes. For more queries about our services, get in touch today!

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