Unveiling Authenticity: A Tribute to Women’s Strength and Identity

On this International Women's Day in 2024, we reflect on the myriad of ways conflict impacts women globally, a demographic disproportionately burdened by the ravages of war and strife. This day compels us to consider not only the immediate physical dangers women face in conflict zones but also the nuanced, long-term repercussions that resonate through their lives and communities. In the quiet echoes of conflict-ridden lands, the stories of women unfold, tales woven with the threads of resilience, sorrow, and an undying hope for peace. These narratives, often overshadowed by the clamour of battles and political discourse, carry within them the...

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Women as Agents of Change: Advancing Mediation and Peacebuilding Efforts Globally

Women as Agents of Change

Women have long been at the forefront of efforts to promote peace and resolve conflicts around the world. From grassroots activists to high-level diplomats, women have played a crucial role in advancing mediation and peacebuilding efforts globally. In this article, we will discuss some of the most famous women mediators in history.

Strikes, Boycotts And Sanctions, How Can Peace Building And Mediation Be Used As A Tool For Communication

The Economic Challenges

We are all aware of the current economic challenges due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the increase in inflation (a 40 year high in the UK 10.1%, predicted to rise to 18% in January 2023), the strain on energy resources leading to increases in prices and risk of power cuts across Europe, including Switzerland, where there is debate at the federal and cantonal level to prepare for energy shortages this winter in the extreme situation of power failure.