3 Reasons Why You Might Need A Mediator

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If you’re a business owner, partner, or employee, chances are, you’ve witnessed conflict at your organisation. Some of these conflicts are easier to resolve and can be worked out fairly quickly. Others require the presence of a neutral, third-party facilitator to help the disputing parties reach a consensus.

So, why should you hire a mediator for your case? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

To Maintain Privacy & Confidentiality


Mediation is a pMediation is a private affair. There’s no audience in a mediation session apart from the parties involved. This means that the only people who have full knowledge of what happens during the process are the ones directly involved.

Mediators ensure that there’s complete privacy and confidentiality every step of the way. Anything you say during mediation, whether it’s to the mediator or to the other party, will be kept in confidence and won’t be disclosed. Even if you’re unable to resolve the dispute, what you share during mediation cannot be used as evidence against you.

The mediator explains these rules of confidentiality before starting the procedure, and has the participants sign an Agreement to Mediate. Their presence enables a more candid and productive discussion between both parties.

To Have Greater Control Over the Outcome


Mediation isn’t about debating and determining who’s right and who’s wrong. The mediator isn’t there for passing judgements for either party, and “convicting” or “dismissing” them. While the mediator is a third-party overlooking the case at hand, they’re not the judge or the decision maker in this setting. That power belongs to the parties involved in the dispute.

Having a mediator ensures that you remain in control of the outcome. There is absolutely no compulsion to reach an agreement in the mediation process. An agreement is only reached if both parties agree to the proposed resolution. The mediator doesn’t have the authority to impose a solution, and will only be facilitating the process so that an agreement is reached. Should the process reach stalemate, you’ll have full liberty to walk out without having agreed to conditions you’re not satisfied with or being forced to abide by a certain “verdict”.

To Wrap Up In a Significantly Shorter Time Span


Having a trusted mediator by your side can also help you get through the process more efficiently. Mediation doesn’t have to be a day-long procedure. It can be brief and to the point, and having an experienced mediator facilitate the discussions can definitely speed things up.

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Not to mention, with the option of online dispute resolution, mediators can effectively reduce/eliminate travel time and streamline the process to make it more convenient for all those involved.

Avinder Laroya at Minute Mediation helps resolve business, property, and workplace conflicts and disputes. Hire a mediator for your case by getting in touch with her today for mediation services in London.

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