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Conflict resolution training provides you with the tools and skills to successfully handle and resolve problems. One of the primary advantages of conflict resolution training is that it assists to develop skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and settle differences in a productive manner.

Conflict resolution training is a crucial investment for every firm. It can assist to develop the skills required to effectively manage and resolve disputes, resulting in being in a happier and more productive environment.

Conflict resolution training can help businesses foster a positive culture and promote their overall success by encouraging open communication.

Past events

Understanding the Common Cognitive and Emotional Traps of Conflict

The workshop on understanding the common cognitive and emotional traps of conflict is for anyone who is seeking answers to understand what conflict is and the common causes of conflict.

In the workshop you will discover the following:

  • Skills to self reflect in difficult situations
  • The ability to respond consciously in a conflict
  • Escape negative conflict patterns
  • Be emotionally balanced without failing back into misaligned behaviours
  • Use your unique strengths and build empathy skills to minimise conflict
  • Increased clarity

Understanding The Common Cognitive And Emotional Traps Of Conflict

“When you are furious, you can’t be curious”

Conflict is all about emotions, when a person is off balance emotionally, it is difficult to engage constructively with the other person.

You can lose sight of your objectives and become focused on how the other person has wronged you, (often repeatedly in your mind). Retaliatory responses kick in, and a cycle of emotions starts. You may no longer be interested in solving the problem as much as punishing the other person.

Knowing how to identify what conflict is the first step in dealing with the situation in a different way and having the tools to regulate your emotions when situations arise can improve your responses to conflict.

Mediation a Self-Empowerment Tool to Help You Resolve Conflicts

2022 WINConference, Rome

WIN is the go-to resource for many people and businesses all around the world because of its innovative thinking leadership. Through its cutting-edge, cooperative framework for transformation, it encourages extraordinary leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and talents to take the helm.

How To Deal With Workplace Conflict

The workplace can often feel like a battle zone, with conflicts arising between team members and individuals clashing over petty concerns, affecting team relationships and, ultimately, business culture.

This highly interactive workshop looks at the roots of conflict and how to acquire practical skills to deal with conflict between others or directed at you.